It’s All About Me

And as a 90s kid, I now have that song in my head.

So what about this aspiring novelist? Well, if you care, I’m a 34-year-old, bisexual, Asian-American female. Bay Area born, and I currently reside in the East Bay. Sports is one of my loves, so imagine how it was for me the past month, sports-wise. *sad face* I also enjoy writing (duh), reading (another duh), traveling, photography, relaxing, makeup, drag queens and kings, sex (even if it’s with myself almost all the time), experiencing schadenfreude involving the evil people of this world, and all things vintage (fashion, movies, music, etc.). 

My day job is in the Spa/Hospitality field, and I’ve been in it for almost eight years (time sure flies!). I enjoy it because I get to make pretty good coin and work a flexible schedule. There have been some times where I’m tending to a guest while coming up with ideas for the next chapter in the book I’m working on. Hey, at least I’ve never been called out for daydreaming during work!

By the way, thank goodness I found the classic editor here. WordPress’ new block editor is ANNOYING and an eye strain. 

What got me into writing? It’s a story that goes back to my childhood. I was (and, in a way, still am) a weirdo kid with a weird imagination. Those creative story assignments I did in elementary school were one of the few assignments I liked doing, and plus I happened to get good grades on them. I was also a loner most of the time, so books kept me company. I was a big fan of The Babysitters Club and Goosebumps series then. Whatever I wrote as a kid, a couple of those pieces must’ve been pretty good, since those pieces got me published. In high school, I didn’t do much creative writing but I kept reading. My two favorite books then were Sleepers and Sue Grafton’s alphabetical detective series (the latter of which was recommended to me by my 9th grade English teacher). Needless to say, suspense stories with a bold protagonist would influence the kind of stories I wanted to write. 

Stories with strong, independent, adventurous, and relatable female leads/characters attract me. I could never get into tales involving damsels-in-distress who need to be rescued by some alpha male, nor stories on virginal ladies who believe they can change some brooding man. Archaic tropes can suck my left one. Gimme Hermione Granger over Bella Swan, and Lucky Santangelo over Ana Steele any effing day. Consequently, fierce, talented, and genuine women (and men) greatly appeal to me. (So if you’re wondering about that banner pic of the eternally iconic Jackie and Joan Collins, there’s your answer.)

Though I hope to get my book published, I will say that I have been published before. A poem I wrote waaaaayyyy back in 8th grade can be found in the 1998 Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. I’ve had a prose piece published in my local newspaper, and I’ve also written for my college newspaper. My most recent work can be found in the Erotic Romance section of your bookstore–assuming your bookstore has one. I wrote a short erotic story (under a different pen name) that can be found in the Best Women’s Erotica Vol. 3. Which is proof that I can also talk dirty.

I’m not a fan of social media, so you won’t see me joining Twitter or Instagram. I chose WordPress since I’m used to its interface, and I can post short shit or pics here too. 

Fair warning: I like to speak with a snarky tongue at times, and no one shall be spared from it, not even faves of mines. 

There’s more about me than what’s currently written here, and I’ll share more along the way. Right now, my unfinished book is-a callin’ me, needing its latest chapter finished. Until next time, I’ll leave you with not a song, but some fun, campy glamour, courtesy of Alexis Carrington Colby and Dominique Devereaux! (And vintage Dynasty >>>>>>the rebooted version)